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C6,7 degenerative disc pain

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  • C6,7 degenerative disc pain

    Hi All I am a T 8 complete 35 years post age 63 and am having severe level pain caused by inflammation or deteriorating disc at C6 C7 level causing severe pain and weakness in back of right shoulder and down right arm I have had this twice before once in 2003 and again in 2011 both times treatment was a cervical cortisone shot that worked wonders .. I was seen on March 18 th and doc said it was obvious I needed another one problem is governor has shut down all “ elective” procedures until further notice I tried Tramadol low dose but it messed with my bowels i am trying limited amounts of naproxen and Tylenol but today was really rough and it gets worse at night any suggestions as I may have to wait a long time for the injection of course I am also concerned about what lack of sleep and constantly fighting this pain will further weaken my already compromised immune systems
    Any suggestions are appreciated I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but this is a little over the top
    i do know others probably cope with worse...

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    Gosh, all I can do is empathize. I have had a chronic viral infection in my throat for 3 months and cannot get in to see my doctor. i'm self treating but as you know, having our body's being ill right now only magnifies the fear factor of the C-virus. Have you tried weed?