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Extreme nerve and muscular skeletal ? integrate Cymbalta?

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  • Extreme nerve and muscular skeletal ? integrate Cymbalta?

    Over the past eight weeks I've been treating two different infections. One is an ongoing Pseudomonas kidney infection and the other is a staph infection in/on the outside of my ankle.

    I err on the side of low narcotics and integrate cannabis and other natural modalities (stretching, breathing, meditation, exercise, etc.) sees

    since my last two kidney infections it has been almost unbearable every day with a 9/10. The majority related to kidney pain which then gets kicked off into neuropathic and osteoarthritis doesn't help.

    Have doubled oxycodone ? but the effects have not been long-lasting. However they are definitely helpful.

    Has anyone integrated Cymbalta into their regime with success? My main fear is constipation and/or increase spasticity. I've tried amitriptyline, Neurontin, multiple versions of Zoloft/Paxil, trazodone, these are all for nerve pain. Surprisingly ? cannabis seems to be the best acute remedy but it is hard to keep up on.

    Open to any and all thoughts. Pretty desperate to the point where the pain gets so high that I can no longer think, hold hold myself vertical, move wheelchair and I basically just stay in the fetal position for 6 to 8 hours a day. Not complaining just this is how it's been and I've hoped that various things have tried would help.

    Highly suggest THC for nerve pain? Only downside is occasionally paranoid? But it's to be expected and I can separate myself from the person that's feeling the paranoia. My head game is simply to keep my soul separate from the body and understand that the body person is different from my soul person. This makes sense to most people that meditate in the distancing from our thoughts from who we are.

    I don't think that coronavirus is helping with stress and basic underlying anxiety. However, the pain that I've been experiencing has been going on for months only picking up in the last two weeks or so after second kidney infection.

    Trying to stay in the game. In solidarity with all those who suffer from chronic pain, c