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Winged scapula and supine arm

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    Winged scapula and supine arm

    I have a left arm stuck in supination. It is a contracture as well as my left scapula is winged. I thought for years that my scapula was winged because early on it for many years I did my bowel program on my left side in bed. I am just now learning that that is somewhat normal for high-level injuries. Does anyone else have a winged scapula and do you get pain from it like I do sometimes? When my nerve pain is bad it seems the pain in my scapula shoulder area hurts more and the more I snap crackle and pop. Sometimes I feel like my whole shoulder is about to come out.
    Unbroken by the grace of God

    Sorry you have this problem. Are you sure this is a fixed contracture? Have you see a good PT or physiatrist to see if this can still be stretched out?

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