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Anyone taking hydromorphine(dilaudid) on a regular basis at home ?

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  • Anyone taking hydromorphine(dilaudid) on a regular basis at home ?

    I was given hydromorphine(dilaudid) post surgery and it seemed to really really help my pain, way better than 4 tons of oxycodone.

    Wondering if anyone takes this, or if it's even an option. Lying in bed trying to sleep really helped my body relax and got some decent sleep, also seemed like I woke up with quite a clear head too.

    thoughts ?

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    I have dialudid in my medtronic pump low doses all day long. I am pretty sure it will very hard to get a pain dr. to fill an rx for dilaudid. As it is very potent and the chance of overdose is high. I think it's typically only given in hospital sitting or in a pain pump.


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      thanks for the info... I've yet to ask my pain doctor, be interesting what he says.


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        You welcome wish you luck chronic pain sucks

        Originally posted by NW-Will View Post
        thanks for the info... I've yet to ask my pain doctor, be interesting what he says.


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          hydromorphone hydrochloride

          i use hydromorphone , oral tablets 4 mg tablets, been Rx for a couple years, i also have a implanted flowtronix pain pump that delivers hydromorphone over 24 hours, with a bolus device. Before the pump was implanted i was RX the oral tablets.
          Before the whole opiate crisis i was Rx fentora , which worked much better. i am in NY state. i am sure you will need a pain management specialist to get it Rx.

          spelling is hydromorphone hydrochloride /dilaudid
          hydromorphone hydrochloride
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          cauda equina


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            Hey Metronycguy, we have the same medication in our pump. Only difference I have a medtronic pump. My pain dr. finally sent me home with the ptnr device to give my self a bolus. Downside they forgot to set the dose so can't use it until i go back in for them to set it up. Anyways question is have you had luck getting more pain relief when you give your self a bolus?


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              Well the pain doctor didn't have any issue.
              gave me a script for Hydromorphone HCI 4mg tabs .. Thanks metronyguy.. my mind obviously wanted it to be morphine !

              over a few days and nights
              I broke one tab in half and tried it... nothing!
              one whole tab.. nothing!
              TWO tabs .. a mild relief, but seemed to keep me awake all night and endless hiccups! dry mouth and and kind of heart burn!

              anyone else get hiccups from narcotics ? seemed to take 48 hours for it to get out of my system and the hiccups to go away. Trying to sleep with hiccups is pretty much impossible for me.
              Plus it left me with a pretty good narcotic hangover.

              So at this point, i'm doubting I'll be taking anymore... not that oxycodone is anything great.

              as a side note... 20mg of marijuana chocolate edible seems like it worked better!


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                I had it a couple times and it definitely helped me so so much with taking less pills than my other meds. I wish I could get it but doctors here won’t give it out . Ahh it was the best I’d do anything for some I’m still tryin


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                  Hi i was on a hydromorphone rollercoaster for many years, the dose went up and up and the side effects became worse than the pain relief. Then years reducing against Dr.’s advice and seeing many Canadian pain specialists. Its shit with it and shit without it. Pain sucks. Opioids didn’t work as a long term solution to my pain though. THC helps but really there is no single silver bullet.