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Suboxone for Pain/Spasm

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  • Suboxone for Pain/Spasm

    A little background before I start. Im 29, T-7 incomplete and was injured 10 years ago. I have tried every medication for pain/spasms out there. I am currently on Alprazolam/Suboxone and Adderall (Adderall onlyon the days I need it). Yes, I know those are strong meds and Yes I know they interact. If I was not injured I would not be so heavily medicated, but to be able to function normal and show up to work every day, medications are worth it. I take them separately during the day to avoid interaction. I take The 4 mg suboxone when I wake up, 15-30mg adderall a couple hrs later, and the alprazolam during the evening. I have been doing this for a couple years and have had no bad interactions, and am monitored by my doctor. The adderall is prescribed because I have sleep apnea from an ACDF neck fusion last year. My sleep specialist prescribed the stimulant to help me during the day because of lack of effective sleep, daily fatigue and lack of focus. When I take suboxone, it nearly eliminates all of my spasms 20 minutes after taking it. It will last for 5-6 hours before I need to take another dose. Does anyone else take suboxone and achieve this type of response? I saw the last post about this was a few years ago... I know it is an opiate, and mainly prescribed to prevent opiate withdrawals/block you from getting high on other opiates. It does help a little with pain. I mainly use it for spasms. If I have to have a surgery, I simply go off the suboxone 24-36 hours before the surgery so the pain meds will work when I have my surgery. I do not have constipation or any noticeable side effects. If you are struggling with spasms I suggest you give it a try. With one dose it should instantly work within 20-30 minutes. If not, then at least you tried.