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Identifying opiate abusers on site

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    Identifying opiate abusers on site

    From the information available to me it appears that most opiate abusers and subsequent overdoses are caused from street drugs that are either injected or snorted.

    Was wondering if there was a way that you could put a orange dye in the drugs. So if you injected them it would turn your veins bright orange for a couple of days or if snorted it changes your nose orange.

    If you are taking the drugs at the prescribed doses and not using street drugs they would not react and turn your body orange.

    This may reduce opiate use by the societal stigma and in case of abuse, identifies exactly what drug you been using too much of, how and when.

    Is this is impossible, socially unacceptable or two simple?

    Sure, just get the drug gangs who originate the street drugs to put a dye into it. Good luck with that.


      Duh, didn't think that one through.

      Time sure have changed, and visual observation of an addict will reveal they are using drugs as well as the dye.

      Forgot that anybody with basic pharmaceutical skills can compound anything with over the counter (Internet, the street or dark web) supplies and equipment.

      When 12 years old had a chemistry set and the library. Went to the local pharmacy for some potassium nitrate, a long story short, sorta of blew up the lobby to our apartment building, but not too badly. :-) The insurance and my freedom paid for it.

      The problem is a demand, not the supply. Cannot stop the supply in a free society, the only solution is to manage the demand. What I don't understand about the drug problem were facing today and the drug problem of the 60s and 70s. How did we get to the through the 60s, you had heroin, cocaine, psychedelic drugs, etc. how do we get through that, not having a national disaster as we do today? was it all Nancy Reagan's fault?

      Something such as in Europe, let them go to place with other junkies and do drugs all day long, at least it keeps them off the streets spell that. This way you have some control over it and the costs associated with their dysfunctional behavior. It is not a crime against society and jail is a waste of money and the failure rate of rehab programs is ~90%. You take a drug addict put him in jail, dry them out and drop them off in the same place you picked them up at, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a definition of what?

      As a cost-benefit analysis is probably easier to let them be drug abusers and a remove dysfunctional element from mainstream society. Contain them medically physically and treat them so they don't spread infections commit crimes as they mess up and destroy their bodies faster and faster.

      Sure am glad that I don't face the challenges of growing up, going to adolescence and living in the 21st century with a very shaky future for our planet, water supply, and society.

      But don't forget about fantastic changes we can't imagine will happen will start happening more and more frequently, just like space launches or airplane flights or automobiles.


        Interesting thoughts, Chris.


          Legalize it and make the legal versions turn your skin purple. Show up to work purple and they send you home. Get caught driving purple and lose your license.
          But it has to be legalized first or you will never be able to modify it for purpleizing
          T3 complete since Sept 2015.


            Just an fyi some of the pilles have a blue dye. That if they are crushed it turns blue.


              That would stimulate the illegal market as people seek out a type without dye. There are no easy solutions.


                I don't think such a difficult problem can be solved with such a simple solution. It is funny though.


                  So true. The contrast with the 60s and 70s is that the economy was very different. There were very few middle aged drug users because fun lives and challenge ere available, especially to the middle aged people. Factory jobs were plentiful and workers with back pain just continued to work. Now people lose their jobs and suddenly find they suffer unbearable back pain, but I think for most it is the grinding hopelessness of a good life that drives them to seek street drugs. That and the fact they have lots of time on their hands (being out of work) in which to seek drugs.

                  Younger people in the 60s and 70s DID suffer a lot of overdoses but the drugs tended not to be as lethal. We certainly lost some talented entertainers to drugs, and continue to do so. I doubt that the statistics kept 50 years ago were as accurate as today. Today first responders keep quite good statistics.


                    This is why drugs should be legalized. If they were legalized the illicit trade would dry up and then you could actually do things like this. I had a buddy who used to say we should legalize but then modify the delivery chemicals such that your skin turned purple while under the influence. So if you show up for work purple, they send you home.
                    T3 complete since Sept 2015.


                      If the legitimate pills through legitimate channels caused the BLUE issue when over consumed .... maybe Drs would not be so scared to write scripts and the DEA could ease up on the administrative burden on legitimate distribution channels. I just want an ID card that can be approved for opioid purchases with script and having my Dr. able to call them in again.