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    Originally posted by Brad09 View Post
    I had to have a paddle surgically put in for the trial because I had too much scar tissue to run leads up my spine. I thought I was getting some relief after the "trial" but it was hard to tell since I had to recover from surgery at the same time, may have been a placebo effect after all. But I didn't want them to cut my back open again to take the paddle out so I went ahead and had the pulse generator/battery put in, and used it for a few years before I gave up on it.
    Sorry you're not getting any relief with the stimulater. It's a bit frustrating trying to figure out the statistics about the rate of success. We guess 70 percent have relief. But even if that's true, there's still 30 percent with no success at all. And that's after weeding out people with the week long trial.
    But for alot of us, it's the only game in town.
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      Originally posted by Nancyp View Post
      Hi flying,
      wondering if you got my post a couple days ago. I live in Eugene area and am considering a SCS for my pain and wondered who did your surgery or whether you are happy with your surgeon. I?m a little nervous about the actual surgery and just want to make sure I get the best surgeon to do the surgery. Thanks.
      I went to the Neuro Spine Institute.
      The guy I had was leaving, so he won't be there anymore.
      Good luck with the trial, let us know how it goes
      T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old