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I am in excruciating pain and tension oh, and I may have just found partial solution!

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  • I am in excruciating pain and tension oh, and I may have just found partial solution!

    Greetings one at all. I will try to keep this as short as possible as I can. I broke my neck 30 years ago and have been a C5 quadriplegic s:bb;bince. Having parvo relations with my parents moved out on my own and for 20 years did almost everything on my own with a roommate who did the laundry downstairs and help with the cooking here in there. Otherwise from dressing showering and bowel regime to everything else I was doing on my own. Call it hubris or stubbornness, I never liked anyone doing things for me. Unfortunately one urinary tract infections and the resulting sweating all the time took its toll on me and left me sitting home quite a bit trying to simply be warm. I must say that for the longest time I really didn't know what the causes of all my sweating was, nor did many of the doctors. so many of the people in the field really don't know shitt. Anyway, I finally got that taken care of with a suprapubic catheter, the right amount of Ditropan and giving up caffeine totally and only drinking lemon water while taking cranberry juice pills.. Unfortunately all these years of dealing with that and not taking care of myself as well as I should have has left myself with more pain than a human being should be in and be allowed to live. My left shoulder is pulled back and my ribs are all pushed apart and scrunch down from sitting and pushing and pulling on my wheelchair all day. 10 years ago ago the doctors wanted me to use an electric wheelchair. I got it, but because it's set up a little taller it made it harder for me to bend down and pick up the things I drop all day and caused other issues so I chose not to use it and I stayed in a manual wheelchair. I Hold on to the left side of the chair with my left arm while I've bend down with right has damn near killed me. I don't sleep very well at all as even the sound of my heart pressed against my chest now on my mattress and my spasms offering will keep me awake. On the one hand, my sweating has calmed down and I feel amazing . On the other hand the pain in my shoulders and arms is atrocious from doing everything . A friend of mine gave me a Xanax one night and I slept pretty well so I recently decided to ask my doctor for some Xanax so I might be able to get a little bit of sleep. Only a small amount. She said no because it's a controlled substance. I can't blame her. That's the stuff and opiates and many other things that doctors prescribe are absolutely horrible. I've been trying to mitigate my horrible pain mostly with cannabis and stay away from all that other stuff regardless of how bad the pain has been. I think I almost deserve an award for not being on pain medication considering how much pain I'm in That's the only good thing about dysreflexia, the dysreflexia is so bad it makes me feel so horrible that even crazy pain doesn't compare to that and I'm able to tolerated somewhat. And that my friends is the power of perspective :-) hopefully you're still with me , because here's the important part . So, I started to go online and do a Google search for natural alternatives for Xanax. I tried to eat a fairly healthy diet and I know about oils and many other natural alternatives so I started to do some research, And that's where I found ashwagandha. It's an herb from India known as the prince of herbs which calms you down and chills you out. Now all of my pain has not gone away and everything is not great, however I do believe that after starting and taking some of this it really has helps quite a bit to calm the tensions and the spasms down in my body. Of course doctors are not going to tell you about this because they can't write you a prescription for an over-the-counter herb. There's no money in it for them. Just another reason why I can't stand doctor's or the medical field and go to them as little as possible and probably. So, if any of you out there have gotten this far and are suffering from some of the same things but I have, including pain, spasms, and anxiety at all, take a look at some ashwagandha and see if it helps you like it has slightly helped me recently. and if it does, please report back to the group . Good luck fellow cripples in pain :-) Rich

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    I'm glad to hear you found something that's helping you. Thank you for sharing.


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      Here are a couple of articles about it:
      MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions