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Abdominal tightness post Baclofen pump

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  • Abdominal tightness post Baclofen pump

    Hey everyone,

    this is will be my first post. I am 2 years out complete T7 to T10 paraplegic. I had no accident, I woke up with pain and 15 minutes later fell on the floor. I ended up having a AVM inside of my spinal cord. After struggling intensely with spasticity and nerve pain I had a baclofen pump put in about 3 weeks ago. I have noticed a huge improvement in my tone and spasms but I have noticed my lower abbs are constantly tight and under my thighs are constantly burning. I have been on lyrica for some time and don?t fine much help. I have used lidocaine patches aswell and unsure if they have any affect same with ice and heat. The pain comes and goes same with my abs. But this could last for weeks at times and it is intensely painful. Any help or suggestions? Thankyou