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  • neuropathic pain advice

    Does anyone know what I can use as a natural remedy for neuropathic pain? I had way too many side effects on Gabapentin and withdrawl from it was awful. My doctor also told me that I'd probably get the same side effects from Lyrica, due to Gabapentin and Lyrica practically being cousins. I don't want to use tricyclic antidepressants, because I don't want to gain weight badly, since I am trying to lose weight right now.

    I am curious if a TENS unit would help, or would it make my spasticity worse in my legs? I am on Tizanidine for spasticity, since Baclofen didn't work at all.
    I have heard that CBD oil helps with this pain, but can it be used if you are on blood thinners?


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    Distraction or CBD:THC at a 1:1 ratio.
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      I have found great results with doterra Copaiba oil I take it mostly baclofen and gabapentin. Vicodin only for days my body aches too much. Like after scrubbing buckets, processing flowers, mopping the floor. Then I will take a vicodin and possibly a baclofen if my shoulder is having spasm. My Monday work day is brutal. I am lucky I never had withdrawal symptoms when stopping any med.