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  • Neuropathic Pain help

    I am C7 4 years post injury. I've been dealing with neuropathic pain for quite sometime. It ranges from the gluten, IT's and hamstrings. I've been working with my doctors and seating clinics to combat this problem. I've taken medications such as lyrica, gabapentin and some others. Unfortunately it either doesn't help or it doesn't help enough. I've also tried numerous cushions: roho, j3, solution 1, ride designs forward, veralite, and others. Nothing seems to stand out and say this works better. It also almost seems as if it is a positional thing. I can sit on my sofa and not get as much nerve pain. Not always but most of the time. I trialed a different chair to see if it helped and it didn't. I know sciatica would be a thought but I don't experience pain when you press down on those areas. I am only able to relieve the pain by getting weight off of the areas. For example laying in bed on my stomach. Has anyone experience anything like this and found a solution? It is very frustrating and it interferes with my comfort throughout the day.

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    sory to hear this. I am a c-7 as weel and have bad neuoropathy everyday and have not found anything that helps.