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Study: Using baclofen with gabapentin or pregabalin (lyrica) impairs memory

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    Study: Using baclofen with gabapentin or pregabalin (lyrica) impairs memory

    From the conclusion:
    "In the present study we showed that the long-term administrations of gabapentin and baclofen had no effects on memory. Pregabalin alone caused memory impairment and both pregabalin and gabapentin in combination with baclofen affected the ORT indices in comparison with control group." ORT is the task they used to indicate memory/learning.

    And of course, opiates have an impact as well (not in this study).

    Hi all,

    Friendly reminder that when we up our dosages to reduce the physical pain, we are doing so at a cost to our brains. I'm working on reducing my medication frequencies and amounts, and it seems to be helping my memory come back to what it was before I started taking all these meds/before my accident. I thought it was a lasting effect of my moderate TBI, but I think my memory impairment was more greatly effected by my medications.

    I was on muscle relaxer and sleeping pill in the first year and they definitely affected my memory so the above drugs are probably a lot stronger than I took so they must affect it more.