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Can I safely take Opioids to manage pain if I'm prescribed intrathecal Baclofen?

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  • Can I safely take Opioids to manage pain if I'm prescribed intrathecal Baclofen?

    A recent injury is causing me a moderate degree of discomfort which I have a been treating with ibuprofen and paracetamol albeit with largely unsatisfactory results. In addition to this, due to the nature of my job which requires me travel frequently, visiting my local GP would currently prove to be a difficult endeavor and one which I would like to avoid if at all possible.

    I now like to manage the pain using either Codeine Phosphate (30mg tablets) or Morphine Sulfate (10mg/5ml oral liquid,) both of which are currently to be found in my medicine cabinet. However, as a sufferer of cerebral palsy, in order to treat the severe muscle spasticity it causes, I have an intrathecal Baclofen pump implant which administers a dose of Baclofen every 4 hours. My concern is that, as both Baclofen and the opioids I intend to use are capable of producing CNS depressant effects (both in combination and in and of themselves,) I may suffer from some sort of adverse reaction, one which (in the worst case scenario) might kill me.

    Hence I have spent the last couple of hours busily scouring the web for any information I can find pertaining to the safety of either combination and yet although it seems that Baclofen does not appear to potentiate opioids (nor the other way around,) there may still be a synergistic effect, albeit one which, due to the scarcity of information available (and oftentimes dubious sources,) is poorly understood, ill-defined and thus not particularly helpful when trying to determine the level of risk associated with using opioids to treat pain in those with Baclofen pump implants.

    So, if anyone reading this post is familiar with this combination and could kindly share their knowledge (especially those with pump implants,) it would be a great help to me and very much appreciated.

    Lastly, I forgot to mention that my intrathecal Baclofen dose is 220ug, however, I currently can't remember if this is my daily dose or my 4-hourly dose. I will update this post accordingly as soon as I can find out.
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    I took both together, though I did not have the pump. I was taking baclofen and vicodin. I had no issues.


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      220ug per day. I'm at 195 ug per day.
      I take percocet and have the pump with no problems
      C5/C6 Complete since 08/22/09


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        I had my first intrathecal pump implanted around 2006, currently have baclofen (59.08 ?g daily) and hydromorphone (4.028 ?g daily) in the pump. For years I was taking 30 mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain but my doctor recently switched to 8 mg hydromorphone tablets for the breakthrough pain. Never had any problems. Hope this helps, good luck!
        Dan G. in CT