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Pharmacy refusing to fill pain pills - PLEASE HELP!

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  • Pharmacy refusing to fill pain pills - PLEASE HELP!

    I'm on 30 mg oxycodone 3x per day, and MS Contin 15 mg 2x per day (among many, many other meds - which are not opiates). It has been a nightmare the last week calling Walgreens and my Dr back and forth due to a lack of communication. Walgreens wanted some info (like a treatment plan) from my Dr, and so finally they spoke with each other. The end goal with my Dr. is to try a bunch of opiates, then move onto the Fentanyl patch (which my insurance denied because they wanted a "Pain Ladder" approach [start with less powerful pain meds and move upwards from there]). So, my Dr called Walgreens and I guess she told her the end goal was to get me off of opiates (don't know why she would say this since it's not the truth) Maybe she just said it so they would fill it and not take it seriously. So, I spoke to Walgreens and they told me they can now fill these opiates, but this would be the last month she would fill my pain pills. What the hell!!! I am in severe, severe amounts of pain even on the medication I am on. All I can manage to do most days is writhe around in bed or sleep, constantly thinking about jumping off a bridge. I am unable to move, physically, so exercise is out of the question. ANYTHING physical makes my entire body burn even worse for weeks. I'm only 30 years old.

    Anyways, what the hell can I do about this? Can I just bring my script to another pharmacy (like Publix next time)? I honestly don't know what I will do if I can't get my pain pills - it's the only way I can even bear to be alive. PLEASE, any help would be welcome.

    P.S. These are the meds I'm already on, and they only minimally help - so don't say "just try these!".
    Daily Pain Meds:

    Amitriptyline - 100 mg once at night
    Tegretol XL - 200 mg once at night
    Lyrica - 200, 3x per day
    Gabapentin - 800, 3x per day
    Klonopin .5 mg ? as needed
    Oxycodone - 30 mg, 3x per day
    MS Contin - 15 mg, 2x per day
    Medical Marijuana ? as needed

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    Because of the opioid crisis, law enforcement is putting pressure on doctors, distributors, and pharmacists to crack down on over-prescribing pain meds. You have to convince them of your medical need over abuse. Having said that, that list is pretty intense.


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      Way too many meds.


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        I can only have 1 pharmacy fill my vicodin and it has to be a written prescription, no fax or transfers. I just use the clinic pharmacy. I am pretty much off mine now, but continue to get it filled each month out of fear of the future needing it and being unable to get it prescribed. Mine has been mostly chronic neck pain from an accident 10 years ago, prior to my sci.but do get bad hip pain at times, especially on days I don't work and am at home not doing much. I have found good results from massage every 2 weeks and essential oils. I had to sign a contract type with my doctor to get a prescription. It just doesn't make sense that we should have pain below the injury.


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          Originally posted by Jim View Post
          Way too many meds.
          I AGREE Shocking amount more wont help.


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            What are you on all of those meds for?
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              Jim and air ohs, with respect, you aren't me and you don't know the vast amount of pain I'm in. EVEN with all these meds, like I said, I mostly lay in bed, my entire body burning. Unable to work, leave the house, or really leave my bed. If it weren't for the meds, I'd have taken my life a looong time ago. I have 8 herniated discs, along with Lyme Disease, bartonella bacteria, herpes, and immune deficiency (for which I have IVIG infusions every 2 weeks for, lest I catch a cold and die from my weak immune system). I've seen over 40 drs in the past 2 years, and most are so afraid of my complex history that they don't feel like dealing with me, and try peddling me off to a different Dr. I've tried years of physical therapy (which I can't do anymore due to the pain), massage, aromatherapy, hyperbaric chamber, Rhizotomy (where they burn the nerve, which made it MUCH worse), spinal cord stimulator, meditation, acupuncture, and more. I've been to the top drs in the world (including Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland), and none could help me. I have spinal cord grey matter (myelomalacia), which is untreatable and gets worse and worse until I'm basically in a wheelchair (which I can't even sit in because sitting hurts too much). The only relief I get (even though I am still in vast pain is from meds). I've tried coming down on my meds, and it felts like I was schocked with an electric eel all over my body, and severe sunburn everywhere, including my face and genitals. So, yeah..... And more DOES help. I've had to go this week without my Oxy due to the insurance and pharmacy taking forever, and it was much worse than normal.


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                Johnny i understand your in pain however being on that many drugs at the same time may infact be making your pain worse! i know seems hard to believe but it does happen. any thought on treating the herinated disks with maybe surgery or treating your lyme disease. and with the opiate crisis at an all time high right now the government and drug stores are starting to crack down on both filling and prescribing high dose meds.
                T6 Incomplete due to a Spinal cord infarction July 2009


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                  @Smashms, my herniated discs are unoperable. I've been to 3 neurosurgeons and 2 orthopaedic surgeons for their opinions, and all say that surgery would do nothing to help my pain or back. Also, I am treating my Lyme Disease. I am on 2 antibiotics, intravenous IVIG for my immune system every 2 weeks, and a daily mix of 15 different herbs (tea). I've been treating the Lyme Disease for 2 years, and it's done absolutely nothing. I believe I am the very rare case of someone who is just beyond the scope of current technological medicine, and the only thing to do is mask the pain with meds until technology advances to the point where either stem cells can heal my spinal cord, or I can upload my consciousness into a robotic body (wouldn't that be nice ). What if I went to a different pharmacy to fill my meds next time? Keep in mind Walgreens did NOT outright refuse to fill my pain meds. All she did was say that she can't guarantee that they can fill it anymore. She said maybe a few more months, but maybe not even that. So, they didn't refuse outright (sorry if I explained it that way). Maybe I can just go to Publix next time.

                  And everyone seems like they are judging me when they have no idea what kind of pain I'm in. EVEN on these meds, I am on level 8/10 pain every day. I've tried coming off of the meds, but I was in 10/10 pain and I would 100% surely jump off a bridge. I am not being dramatic, but that's just what I would do. Not one of you knows what kind of pain I'm in. And I don't know what kind of pain you are in. Bartonella and Lyme (by themselves) cause an insane amount of suicides every year based on the amount of nerve pain they cause. So, on top of that, I have 8 herniated discs. The Lyme attacks the herniated discs and causes it to flare, causing extreme nerve pain. Just Google "Lyme suicide" and you will find thousands of accounts of it. Just please try and understand where I'm coming from. I'm not your average person with a back injury.


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                    No one is judging, you asked for advice.

                    In my experience of being injured for 22 years and having intense nerve pain, it is counterproductive to be on that many meds.


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                      When I have no other course of action to follow through on, what other options do I have? I've tried pretty much everything (other than a pain pump) and only meds give me any little moment of solitude. I'm quite aware the list of meds I'm on is ridiculous. Hell, it'd probably kill a horse. But when you have that much pain STILL breaking through that amount of meds, you know you've got something hard to deal with. Btw, with a pain pump, what kind of medication is it usually filled with? The pharmacist mentioned I should try it.


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                        I think you should see a pain specialist.


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                          The Florida Prescription Drug Monitoring Program enables any Physician or Pharmacist to check on your controlled substance prescription history. All of the big pharmacy chains, including Publix, use it. Pharmacists can report medical personnel to their State Medical Board if they suspect non-therapeutic prescribing.
                          This is the site but you can't log in unless you have a medical professional license and DEA number:

                          We have a similar monitoring program in Texas.

                          Your current pharmacy may have gotten an alert when they checked the site and placed a call to your Doctor. It's common practice now and actually encouraged.


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                            Jim, I've seen 6 pain specialists over the last few years and I'm currently seeing one to come up with a plan. We are looking into possibly using a peripheral nerve stimulator. The problem with me is my complicated history. I have myelomalacia - softening of the spinal cord due to a traumatic injury to the cord. It is incurable and only gets worse over time. I have trust issues with pain specialists. One pain specialist I was seeing did a Rhizotomy on 2 levels of nerves, and when I woke up, the entire left side of my body, face, genitals, and ribs were searing with paraesthesias. I come to find out later, from my Cleveland Clinic Dr, that he should not have done a Rhizotomy on a patient with myelomalacia. So, in reality, doctors have done me more harm than good.

                            @2drwhofans - What would happen if I decided to take it to Publix instead? Walgreens did not refuse to fill my prescription, but only told me they may in the future. What would be the worst that would happen if I take it to Publix? Walgreens never denied me yet, so I don't see that as being a problem. If Walgreens denied me, then I decided to take it to Publix, then I see that as a problem. Or maybe I am mistaken - I should probably get acquainted with the laws. It's criminal that the addicts ruined it for people with legitimate pain issues. It breaks my girlfriends heart to see me writhing in pain at night. I heard her crying last night while I was moaning in pain - I feel just as bad for her as I do for myself


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                              If your doctor writes you a new prescription, you can take it to any pharmacy you want.

                              Publix will have access to the same controlled substance database info as Walgreen's though and their Pharmacists have the same ability to contact your doctor about any concerns

                              You're on 4 different medications commonly prescribed to treat nerve pain, a benzodiazepine , a short acting opiate and a long acting opiate.

                              That's eventually going to raise a red-flag at any Pharmacy these days other than one that's privately owned in conjunction with a "pill-mill". It's a potential liability issue for their corporation.

                              That's exactly what happened 5 years ago to Walgreens in your state:

                              Jim gave you good advice regarding evaluation by a board certified Pain Management doctor.