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anyone have RFA - Radiofrequency ablation thoughts opinions etc..

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    Originally posted by NW-Will View Post
    I have pain and different pain all over the place.
    The key for the medical professionals for this was the Xray and MRI of the lower back showed arthritis of my facet joints at L3,L4, & L5.
    From there it was an experiment to see if steroid injections at those joint gave any kind of relief.

    From my standpoint I don't see as there is much to lose, you either get some relief or you don't. Worst case you are where you were before the injections.

    It's certainly not magic for me, but it's definitely an improvement. Interestingly it seems to have toned down some of the other pain as well, it is as though the different pains are cumulative.

    I'm told the nerves grow back after the cauterization, so you eventually end up back where you were, hence you have to have it redone.
    Are you incomplete?
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      I am told i am incomplete.