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Degenerative disc disease pain L1 thru S1

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    Degenerative disc disease pain L1 thru S1

    My name is Will and am 58 yrs old. All of my discs (L1 thru S1) are desiccated and I stopped working in May 2017 and filed for SSDI. I have a dilaudid Medtronic pain pump since Aug 2014. Dr added baclofen to help with some muscle cramps in legs/toes. Started baclofen at 29 mcg/day on 7-25-17. Refilled 9-5-17 and raised it to 44 mcg/day. The dilaudid is running at 10% but in mg. The dilaudid has mostly taken care of my chronic pain. The next day my legs ached so bad that all I could do was pace constantly. On 9-15, had Dr reduce pump to 1/2 of what it was set to (given Percocet) and reordered a new refill of just dilaudid to refill 9-19. Bridge bolus for 64 hrs the remaining baclofen. On 9-28 I called Dr office complaining it was not stopping and over the last 3 days, I had paced more than 9 miles in my living room. Told me to give it another week. On 10-4 called again and Dr prescribed methadone 5 mg 2 times a day saying I was withdrawing from something but said couldn?t be the baclofen. Over this weekend(10-7/8-17) I started to notice my toes would go numb and feet turn really cold. The aching was still present. I am now thinking I have a really pinched nerve. My question to anyone?do you think a Medrol steroid dose pack will help to reduce any inflammation. This was an immediate onset so it is not restless leg syndrome. Dr has spoken prior to this to have a corticosteroid Caudill Injection. I?m taki g Valium day and night to relax by day and sleep at night. HELP HELP. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. ​I am about to have a high speed come apart. Taking a toll on me mentally. Thanks!

    Thought I would provide my most current MRI (5-6-17)

    L1-L2: Disc space narrowing. Broad-based protrusion. Slight retrolisthesis and caudal extension of soft disc material.
    L2-L3: Disc space narrowing. Slight retrolisthesis. Endplate spurring. Broad broad-based protrusion with slight caudal extension of disc material. No nerve root compression demonstrated.
    L3-L4: Broad-based protrusion with sac effacement mild bilateral inferior foraminal stenosis. Foraminal narrowing more prominent on the right. No nerve root compression identified. There is some lateral recess narrowing present. Bilateral facet disease noted.
    L4-L5: Discectomy with bilateral pedicure screws. Rightward spondylitis change with only minor sac effacement. No nerve root clumping. Mild foraminal narrowing.
    L5-S1: Broad-based protrusion with caudal extension of disc material. Mild bilateral inferior foraminal stenosis, slightly greater on the left. Disc osteophyte complex extends lateral to,the left neural foramen. Caudal extension of sic material does touch the S1 nerve roots but unchanged from previous(6-28-16). No nerve root displacement or clear compression identified.

    I hope that with this this additional information will give someone out there a look “inside” and maybe make a suggestion.

    thanks again