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    Thank you all for the responses. I have neuropathy, that follows my return down my body from the butt down. The pain is all around the returning nerves. I have no pain at all where I can't feel anything, like phantom pain. I have an incomplete injury, with continuous returning nerve feeling, for 6.5 years. Unfortunately for every bit of return, there is a massive amount of pain. There is some good news though, the thigh muscles that returned do not hurt at all, but getting them back took about 2.5 years. I had no pain below the knees all that time, but after about 3.5 years the nerve return has made it down to the arches in my feet. I can tell when a muscle is coming back by the pain all around the area, but it takes years. The burning butt has keep me from sitting very long the whole time. I've gotten 4 bits of return in the gluts, and the pain there is slowly getting better, as the pain below the knees really kicks in. I'm starting to get more feeling in the urethra tube, so of course it feels like there is acid in it.

    I hope that some day this pain will leave the out the bottle of my feet, but it leaves lots of pain behind, because of incomplete return.

    Have tried, and gone through gabapintin, Lyrica, opiates cannabis oil and other drugs. The nearest pain clinic is way to far away for me to sit long enough to drive to. I push the pain away a lot with my brain, but that only gets you so far.

    Does anyone else notice a cycle of the pain. Mine lasts about two weeks. Starts out slow, builds up to, I don't want to live level, then drops off for a day, and starts back up again. Over and over for years. The one day of relief is spent, getting my sanity back from the torture of the last three days.

    All in all it is much better then the go into a state of shock days, but still damn hard to live with.
    Sorry for the long rant, and do really appreciate the feedback.
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old


      So my GP did not like the Valium idea, but wrote a prescription for lorazepam. Wow it works great. Don't know how, but it's amazing for me my nuro pain. Read something about calming the nerve signal coming up the spinal cord. Don't know how, it works but it's a really nice find.
      So the Valium idea worked out after all. Thanks everyone for there input, very helpful reading about what works for others. After all reading about your meds, is what got me thinking about the Valium idea in the first place.
      Just taking it once a day, at lunch. It lasts into the night. I've been putting up with the pain in the morning, until lunch time. Not sure what's best at this point, if I should go all in and take in full time, or if that will led to it not working as well later on.
      T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old