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    Originally posted by lynnifer View Post
    Was just discussing CBD in oral form with some former co-workers in law enforcement. 2ng/mL will be a warning and 5ng/mL will be impaired.

    I've read that 2ng/mL (2 nanograms per millilitre of blood) would require a person to stop smoking/ingesting etc for 5-7 days before driving.

    Useless. I have trouble, especially at night with sleep and pain and was hoping an oral dosage of CBD would help.
    For CBD? AFAIK there isn't a single study demonstrating impairment from CBD so this sounds quite stupid.
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      There’s academic research showing 22 mg oral or 10 mg smoked CBD has no impact on motor or cognitive function. Research from 2012 and 2017 looking at 600 mg of oral CBD showed neither sedation nor impaired cognition (executive function, memory, social recognition). 6 weeks of 700mg oral CBD daily resulted in mean plasma concentrations of 6-22 ng/ml. I suspect your former colleagues/regulatory authorities may want to do more research.


        My doctor, during my last appointment this past Monday, to just the trying CBD oil, as it had helped a few of his other patients with pain (I've tried every other blasted thing known to man, apparently, with no relief of any kind), so, what the heck, I bought some. The strength is 17%, 3 to 5 drops starting once a day, then twice a day. I've felt absolutely nothing after the once a day dosages, to this point.

        As for THC, I once tried marijuana brownies seeking pain relief. Instead, I got the opposite-the marijuana heightened my perception of the pain sensations, which is not what I needed. So, if I ever do get into medical marijuana, I will not be seeking a strain high in THC.

        Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


          Is the CBD from hemp or from a high CBD/low THC strain of MMJ? It may make a difference.


            Indeed. Research shows CBD from the female plant works much better. Also, the sativa strains exacerbate nerve pain for some. Ideally try high CBD strains or indica for pain.
            T3 complete since Sept 2015.


              I've heard good things about rick simpsons oil too, but haven't delved too far into it except to smoke it a few times when my pain was already numbed with opiates and gin.