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Changes in sensation/pain 12 years post injury. C4/C5

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  • Changes in sensation/pain 12 years post injury. C4/C5

    Hello friends,

    I recently experienced changes in my body. I was a lucky one and until now as I did not have to deal with pain. Well, I guess my luck is running out. I never thought that I will still experience changes so far into the injury. It has been 12 years with no pain. Unfortunately, I now experience it daily. The feeling is unlike anything that can be described with words. Closest I can describe it using words is it feels like a mild cold - burning sensation. I know it doesn't make sense to feel cold and burning at the same time but it is exactly how it feels. My injury is Brown - Sequard. What that means is I'm incomplete and my body function is split in half. One side of my body is functional with messed up feeling and other side is functionally messed up with a good feeling. So now that I developed new pain it affects my functional side on which I depend so much.

    I am looking for insight and some personal knowledge based on experiences. I appreciate the knowledge of docs but nothing is more valuable than actual experience. Any of you can relate? Did anyone experience changes so far into an injury? Perhaps, my axonal reorganization will help me recover some more function. It might also mess me up further. Yh, that is the life we have been given. Life of uncertainty.
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    BSgimp, sorry to hear if you're having to start dealing with pain along with all the other wonderful joys that come with SCI. I don't have any specific answers for a few other than to say you'll find people are here who have had to deal with pain from day one of their injury. Then there are others like myself who get start suffering from pain until high was 25 or 26 years and to my injury. I am a C 4/5 complete and have constant pain in my abdomen, low back and left hip.
    Lyrica and Oxycodone are the main medications I take to help alleviate some of the pain but it's NEVER ever really gone and no doctors and I've seen a ton of them has been able to tell me what's causing it. All I can do is pray it doesn't get worse like the other night when I tried marijuana capsule my friend who's a quad takes for his pain for some reason it set my nerves on fire %1000 higher.

    Thankfully it eased up when the MJ capsule wore off I hope you are able to find something that helps you.
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      In over 35 years, I've tried all of the drugs that are somehow supposed to help with neurogenic pain. Guess what...none of them have helped one whit. The only thing I've found that helps neurogenic pain is distraction. It is a mind game. Sometimes it works better than others, but I just don't/won't do all of the junk that has been prescribed to me over the years.

      The side effects of and the dependency on all of those drugs is just not worth it to me when they really don't do anything for the pain I experience.


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        I am with gjnl there is no cure for the pain other than distraction. I have been going to the doctors and seeing specialists for 10 years and nothing so far has helped. It is very frustrating but you just have to deal with it.


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          Cowboy-place, could the pain in your abdomen be an ileus? ...the pain in your lower back a urinary tract infection? When is the left hip pain at its worst? I use herbs for pain. Not marijuana, but others that are legal where I live. I really like herbs, and one thing I like about them is that they don't (in my experience) completely block out pain that should really be getting my attention. Sometimes we need a diagnoses of what's causing the pain.
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            I agree with the distracting yourself. Once your mind has gone to something other than the pain you won't feel it until you think about it next. Good luck. I find that when I get out of the house and there's all kinds of things going on for your mind to process it overwhelms the thoughts of pain, sometimes. It's a bitch.
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