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muscles tied up

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  • muscles tied up

    its 3am up again this is getting to be habit but mu hips and left groin and lower back on left are so tight i strech and i feel like my left side is so tight and i lean way over to right to strech but no relief

    i feel if i could prone all night it would help but i can not sleep proning i take 4 mg tizendine at 10 then i just took 1 more. i would love sleep a full night and this tighness to go away for a while

    any thoughts

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    Little late now but, you might want to try some moist heat the the areas of discomfort to relax the muscles and tendons. A couple of motrin to lessen any inflammation every 6-8 hours. Best hopes that this will help some. Maybe you could use a little supervised physical therapy from a therapist.
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