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Does a person build a tolerance to Lyrica resulting in pain returning?

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  • Does a person build a tolerance to Lyrica resulting in pain returning?

    I'm currently on 300 mg/day. After dementia like symptoms subsided, this dose seemed to be working quite well. recently, the pain seems to be returning. I've read that you can increase the dose up to 600 mg/day. I do have questions before considering such a move.

    Does a persons body build a tolerance to Lyrica?

    If so, does increase in the dosage help long-term? Or, do you simply build a tolerance to the higher level?

    Thank you in advance for any feedback.

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    I can't speak to the Lyrica, but I took the max dose of Neurontin and Tramadol for years. This spring I started going down on them to help with side effects as well as see how much they were actually helping the pain. Took about 4 months to do it slowly, but ended up getting off both completely. I found the pain is not much different, so apparently my body had built up a tolerance over the years. Not dealing with all the mental side effects is definitely worth it to me.


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      I thought the max dose for Lyrica was 400mg/day, I haven't checked so I may be wrong. I take 300mg a day, plus the same amount of Tramadol. I've tried to ween myself down many times but haven't got there yet. I've tried to get away with one or the other med, some reason they work better for me together.


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        ha i'm prescribed 800mg a day. i was up to 900 a day for a while there.

        i build tolerance. i build tolerance to amitriptylene, lyrica, and gabapentin. any other drugs i can try?


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          I have taken 600 mg per day for 8 years and it works the same as it always did.
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            I'm taking Lyrica 150 mg three times a day. Like everything else over the years. It hasn't helped my pains any. I take it, because it seems to be preventing my seizures that I first had in April, 2009, three more times ending in October, 2011. Cause was unknown. Maybe from my confession in 1971. That's a month

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