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Alternatives to oxycodone for chronic pain

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  • Alternatives to oxycodone for chronic pain

    After years of living with this injury, I eventually broke down after multiple kidney infections and started to utilize opiates maintain function. I've been able to categorize my 7 different types of pain.

    I need to find an alternative to the mentioned medication due to the risk of theft. My primary care physician will not write prior authorizations - despite multiple requests.

    Does anyone have a list of similar medications that do not have the same stigma or street value ( I've had to fire helpers) ?

    Zohydro ER
    Hydromorphone ( I found this to affect my breathing ? so it's off my list)
    Fentanyl (patch was not effective and produced serious cognitive side effects)

    Thoughts when able?

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    Could you get a lock box for your meds, if that is the issue?


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      Aka ultram. Second the recommendation.
      Works well but nearly zero street value.
      T3 complete since Sept 2015.


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        Originally posted by Mize View Post
        Aka ultram. Second the recommendation.
        Works well but nearly zero street value.
        I've tried this medication without long-term benefits. It was helpful for a week.


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          What dose/how often?

          Are you also on a good dose of a nerve pain medication (eg. gabapentin, nortriptyline, Cymbalta)?

          Why not lock up your oxy?


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            What about a wall safe with a keypad?


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              I take a combo Tramadol/Lyrica. I'm lucky, this is all I need to function along with exercise. One week may have not been long enough to feel the positive effects.
              I was prescribed Tram, along with Lyrica. I didn't want anything so I took the Lyrica, and left the Tram in my safe. I had a extra long day, and decided to try a tramadol, really didn't feel much different. To make a boring story short, I learned over time that the combo worked better than either alone. These meds don't seem to help with the shocks though.