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Pain and how to Detox the fastest verse living with the pain

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    Pain and how to Detox the fastest verse living with the pain

    Hi All

    I come to the pros for the true answers. C-5 1999 most pain is from bone donor site Iliac crest , right triceps burning, Right ankle from breaking it 2013 and neck. Now I understand that originally in 99 5mg Percocet did the trick though over 17 years your body does get used to it and the pain medication had to be increased. Sorry forgot had 3 spinal surgeries revision, untether cord, remove hardware. I hate and always have hated taking pain meds just because what people think. One med that was prescribed many years ago was Oxycontin and thats about the time it was all over the news so I refused and looked into something else luckily the doctor was nice and would try other meds because I did have a legitimate pain problem. I asked and have been using the Duragesic patch, Best med in my opinion. When I am not in pain I have much less spasms and tone along with sleeping well. What a difference.

    For the past 6 months my pain has been getting worse and I let my doctor know every visit though I am not the type to ask for more meds. I am sick of getting no sleep and having difficulty walking due to the pain increasing the tone. Thank god my son was born a few months after my accident or I know I wouldnt be here. God had a reason for me to survive so I am raising him as best as I can.

    Anyway sorry so long onto my question. If I were to stop taking all medication for a month would it be like starting back at taking 5mg percocet for the pain??? Also I am at my breaking point of paying for health insurance and prescriptions. The things I could do with hat extra $400.00 a month. ust stopping my medication not a good idea though I want to know if I can make it without taking any or much less meds. I read about several detox methods some under general anesthesia? Anyone have any luck or know of someone who had. I saw a 20 min detox? I Would love to try for myself because the pain is bad on the meds so if its going to be this bad off I midas well save the money and suffer through it and put towards my sons school. Any suggestions would be appreciated. As always I could never thank you all enough for you answers. Sorry for typos


    Have you tried any non-narcotic pain meds? The problem with opiates is you eventually get to a place were they do little, or even cause more pain. If you could stop taking them for a month, and you can manage, I don't think I'd start back on them. Exercise is a great weapon against pain, that and distraction. If you decide to stop your meds I'd make sure to inform you doctor, he may be able to help taper you down. If nothing else works, pray.


      I completed a "quick" detox in Dec. 2014. It took one week in a hospital. I had become hyper-sensitive to opiate based pain meds. The overall amount I was on was very low compared to what a fair number of people on this site take. I was put on Suboxen as my primary pain medication. I still took Cymbalta and Lyrica, primarily for nerve pain.

      At the present time I'm just about weaned off of the Suboxen. I decided to stop taking it because it didn't really relief any of the pain that the opiates did. In addition, the side effects made for lousy days.

      I am also considering stopping all medications, slowly, in order to determine which one I really need. I think it can be done and wish you the best of luck.
      C5/C6 since 2007 due to car accident