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Hemorrhoid Problem

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  • Hemorrhoid Problem

    I have 2 large External Haemorrhoids which cause me terrible pain when I sit and after bowel programme, I was wondering what is the best option for stopping the pain.
    I have tried lots of ointments including some with cortisone in them,I also have internal ones but they do not bother me much and do not bleed,
    It's the pain I cannot stand and from what I have read surgery for us is not an option, just wondering what other members use to stop the pain?
    I am a T4 incomplete Para post 37 years Transverse myelitis, I have also tried lidocaine gel which actually makes the pain worse ........

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    If the hemorrhoids are large and external and painful they could be thrombosed which means they have a blood clot in them that is exacerbating the pain. Seek a provider out who can do an assessment first and if necessary lance the hemorrhoid. Additionally, perform a sitz listing in a tub of water or placing or sitting on a warm, wet washcloth on the area to reduce the swelling in the area.

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