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Specifically what are you using for pain relief in your back

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    Specifically what are you using for pain relief in your back

    Have been up and down the narcotics continuum and found some times that the side effects were not worth the relief I got. Basically I have learned to live with the one to two level of pain, but there but now it isgetting back to six to sevens and it is getting the way living.

    The irony is they told me how I feel nothing below my level of injury.

    Believe it is a result of Scoliosis and 35 years of paralysis slamming 9.8 m/s per second on to my vertebrates.

    My question is as anyone year found anything that works? What have you found is second best?

    Can you elaborate on the type of pain? Nerve pain vs neuromuscular pain vs pain from spasms?
    I don't have answers but am interested in what you learn. I take lyrica for nerve pain and ibuprofen supplemented with tramadol for neuromuscular. Neither worked great. Pain from spasms can be severe and I've no solution.
    T3 complete since Sept 2015.


      There are many types of pain.


        I use what you use Mize, best I've found, not complete pain relief, but enough to function.


          Presume that I have three types of pain.

          Neuropathic pain when we first experienced it we called it burning butt, or wherever that sensation was thighs, calves, etc. This has mostly gone away except sometimes second type of pain will trigger it when it really gets intense.

          When I get stressed the nerves keep causing my muscles to fire and my whole lower back locks up and the only thing that will help it has been Valium. However if you don't take the Valium before Your back locks up, you never Make it recede, or break it. Sometimes it gets so intense and spreads down to my coccyx, back of my calves and down to my feet. Do not know how much the Heterotrophic Ossification, broken legs that never healed correctly, and then add drop foot to make sure you cannot fit into an uncomfortable chair comfortably compounding the pain.

          The third type of pain is in the middle of my back were the vertebrae in my spine are being crushed together by gravity pushing me down 35 years, and increases or compounds the scoliosis. This has forced my heart to shift to the left one half of an inch and has pressed on the left lung opening, closing It. When in a Hospital bed I can't sit up (raise the head of the bed) without sliding out of bed to my left.

          If during sleep somehow I get twisted to make my thoracic vertebrae hurt, I know when I get in the chair it is really going to hurt, and this wears me out, sucks out my energy. Have No muscles for balance or support so gravity is my worst enemy.

          What draws or therapy have people found to be the most effective with the least side effects to control this third type of pain, basically caused by scoliosis in my vertebrae?s being crushed by 32 ft./s per second for 35 years.


            I have found nothing that makes all the crazy sensations (burning/skinned feeling, hardening of skin and muscles, cramps, vertebrae and shoulder blades sticking out of skin, burning, organs, etc.) in my back, abdomen, and the rest of my below injury level body feel even little better, so they just keep getting worse. I have scoliosis issues, also.

            I think a guillotine would work. If I could only go back in time, and insult Marie Antoinette. She didn't stand for such behavior.

            Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.