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A Bit of Luck with Opana ER

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    A Bit of Luck with Opana ER

    Hi Everyone,

    It has been a couple of years since I last posted. I wanted to check in and let people in the pain forum know that after almost two decades living with intractable neuro pain, I tried Opana Extended Release in August 2013 and it has helped significantly. I also started taking 60 mg of Prozac shortly before that, and I know that has been helpful as well. Some of you may remember that I had tried numerous medications such as Lyrica, Neurontin, Amitrptyline, etc. and procedures such as Botox injections, a spinal cord stimulator and Lidocaine infusions to try to reduce the severe, constant pain I was dealing with from my low back to my toes. I never had any luck with a single one of those meds, surgeries or procedures.

    While I still have a high level of pain every day in the same areas, the good news is that the extreme burning sensation from the neuro pain is gone. This has been such an incredible relief! I can actually read books now, concentrate on the plot of a movie and hold conversations without zoning out from the pain. I am also able to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time, although sleep is still a challenge.

    I take 40 mg of Opana ER twice per day. I really like that it is extended release, so that I don't have to take four or six pills, and I also don't feel like there is a 'drop-off' period between doses where the medication runs out and I feel awful and can't wait for the next dose. With Opana, I feel like I get a constant, steady stream of medication, and I haven't increased the dose since I first got on it. I also haven't had any side effects other than constipation, for which I take Senna.

    I wanted to let everyone here know about Opana because you may not have heard about this option. It seems like almost no one has heard of it, at least up here in the north east where I am from.

    I also wanted to mention it, to provide a ray of hope, because I know many of you on here and am familiar with your struggles. So many of us have tried seemingly everything and don't get positive results, so I wanted to post to show that it did happen for me, even when I was convinced that I was on an unbreakable losing streak.
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