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CBD oil for nerve pain?

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    Originally posted by CaptKirk View Post
    Never felt much relief from just high CBD low THC marijuana but sometimes right before bed when I want to feel grounded and present I smoke some high CBD MJ(easy to grow) with a pinch of high THC MJ. Seems to mellow my pain and legs out for a while lets me sleep as long as other variables work out too.

    MJ works for some not for others. Got paralyzed in 1983 and I stopped smoking MJ years ago but as my paralyzed body got older pain and spasms got pretty severe but I have a history with Opiates so tried different ways to manage the pain. Got some pills from a medical dispensary that were olive oil and a cooked down MJ combination of which I learned how to make and that worked. Was a good summer! Moved on to smoking and growing MJ since. The MJ I grow is decent quality wise but growing is such good therapy.

    Not sure mixing CBD/THC MJ strains when smoking will help anyone but its sure nice we have a place to discuss such a sensitive issue.
    Smoking is a less effective way of getting cannabinoids into your body than edibles. Also, taking it with oil, like olive or coconut, amplifies the effect by increasing bioavailability.