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Arthritic Shoulders. What can I do/take?

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    Originally posted by mthomson View Post
    30 years post injury, C6/7. Active life until this past year when my shoulders seem to be extracting payment for those 30 years of use and abuse.
    Any suggestions as to any thing that might help would be deeply appreciated.
    I'm Polio paralyzed, hubby is T-10 SCI. When shoulder issues kicked in during our 60's we tried to look at all ADL activities. I had never been a transfer board user as my paralysis was so long ago they didn't have them! Husband used them all the time and instructed me. On CareCure we discovered weekly use of Pledge on the board greatly helped a sliding transfer for bed and van seat. (We keep an extra can and rags in our full size van). We had roll-to shower installed and got sturdy, padded shower chairs about 10 years ago. We had been transferring into a tub for most of our working years! Big mistake for shoulders, but we had plenty of strength then.
    After a major medical meltdown 6 years ago, a PT worked with me at home to reconfigure my shower chair for sliding on back-first that was mostly push-up and worked easier for me than slide board.
    We got van seats (6 way power) re-upholstered with leather (originally fabric) and using Pledge on them, I can still slide-transfer to driver's seat without the board, but need it for exiting passenger seat. We got our entire van seats worked on to make sure they went high enough for a gravity transfer. Once I started using a ZX1, I found that the passenger seat head rest hit the ceiling of the van before I got the seat high enough for a good gravity transfer, so I use the transfer board ok there.
    I totally avoid any movement of left shoulder that is toward the rear, such as grabbing something, lifting or reaching back.
    If my left shoulder aches (over the years 3 periods of 12 week PT), I find that gently hunching up my shoulder followed by gently pushing my straight arm out at chest height, stretched things enough that the pain subsides. If I have pottery class that day I usually take a time release, over the counter pain med.
    I use "reachers" long and short ones, sitting all over the house.
    Oh....did I mention my ZX1?! This power add-on is the best piece of equipment ever to land in my arsenal. About 4 years ago I had to hang onto the back of my husband's wheelchair to be towed from sloped parking lot to a restaurant. So embarrassing! Shortly after I ordered a ZX1; it was in process of being bought by Spinergy and I had to wait a year to get it. I now use it for any outdoor trips. I'm able to manually push indoors - went with all hard floors at home 20 years ago.

    Hope this helps a bit.


      Thank you all for the replies. Your advice has been very helpful.
      I still play hard