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best app i have found to to track ,remind,schedule ,export list, = MediSafe

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  • best app i have found to to track ,remind,schedule ,export list, = MediSafe

    this is the best app i have found so far, and i have been looking for years. Most of the ones i tried not enough ability to personalize it. I wont use apps that make you use the med names, they are usually looking to get your data for ads . You can use your slang names here for the meds, and decide on your schedule . i have been able to have my android alarm wake me at 6am for the first dose, this way i can make sure i don't oversleep and have to take meds too close to each other. eds are spread out the every 8 dose it also has a good reminder system, you can even have it remind someone else if you miss your meds or procedure by X hours , they can check in on you.
    i find it a little slow it inputting some info, but they are open for improvement.
    i want them to put in a good running/linked log so i can input my pain levels, side effects, and exercise.
    MediSafe is the name .
    MediSafe - pill reminder and medication management.
    i have no financial interest in this app, it is just the best i have found and have been looking for about 10 years, not perfect , but with community input they upgrade and fix
    cauda equina