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Post baclofen pump nerve pain

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    Post baclofen pump nerve pain


    Relative newbie to SCI after a fall from a mechanical bull in oct 2012. Injury is c5/6 Asia c. I have a question concerning my nerve pain as it seems to be a bit unique. Post injury I had no pain until after I had a baclofen pump placed in march of 2013. Since then my spasms are under control but my nerve pain has gotten progressively worse, especially in my feet. I have gone from participating in treadmill NRN sessions to now not being able to use a standing frame and needing to lay in bed roughly 14-16 hours a day because the burning is so horrific.

    Im trying to research as much on my own as I continue to talk with my doctors. I realize this may just be a case of tough luck central pain but could there be something else at play here? It just seems weird that I had no pain until after my pump was placed. Could that surgery cause something like arachnoiditis?

    Thank you for any input.

    Also over the past few months I'm starting to experience an almost intense vibrating from my spine (lower) down to the bottoms of my feet if that helps any. When this happens the pain is at its worst. Easily a 10+.