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Tight lower back. Please help.

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    Tight lower back. Please help.

    Hello my friends of CareCure. Writing after so long time. My regards and love to all. <>

    Since one year , i am going throught lot of tightness. Since i changed my posture for good, theres nt one day without tightness in lower back. I use to sit previously lean and was not sitting straight.

    Breifly stating how i face :
    When i get up in morning, my lower back is tight. It takes much time to get releive. i have to take care that i dont take stress in morning otherwise chances to get spasms in tightness. After i get hot bath, i m okay for sometime. Then after sometimes, i feel coldness in lower back. when i touch the skin, its not cold and not either sweat. This coldness terrifes me somehow and i start doing warm up exercise and take rounds in wheelchair for sometime. I again get relaxed but again tightness comes. Later after sometimes, starts paining in lower back. urge me to do pushup. after pushup, its okay for sometimes but again restlessness due to pain. its bearable but its annoying. I cant concentrate and that coldness upsets me bcos its not normal.

    i have this certain tighntess on right lower back. When i do bridging in physio session, its tight and give cramps and catch. my breath stops when i get that cramp. I have kyfosis so when i sleep straight, my back is tight and it gets loose after sometime. At night also, i sleep immediately on sideways otherwise, right side cramp comes. also back is tight when i sleep but it gets loose after sometime. Coldness sensation comes in lower back sometimes at night.

    Due to this pain, i got sonography done and Kidney stone was detected. It got removed with IVs and CT Scan was clean without any stones. But still i feel the same tightness and pain. I feel to move constantly and take rounds on wheelchair to avoid tightness and pain.

    Is there any problem of footrest or armrest where i take support much??
    I have everyday physio session and can do every exercise but i have lil hip contractors and so i am facing this problem.??
    my physio advises me to sleep straight on back more hours to releive the tight lower back muscles. Is she right ??

    I m literally tired. i dont know what is wrong. my lower back is weak and hv lost strength?? is it serveres spasm effect ??

    i am on baclofen 300.

    Please help.


    Note : i have D12 injury. But cannot stand duw to knee contractures for which i am working. But tightness is obstacle


      Welcome back to CareCure! You were missed.

      Have you had any Xrays of your back recently to be sure that you do not have any bony instability, loose hardware, or problems such as a Charcot joint in your spine?? I would want to know that those issues have been ruled out as a source of your new back pain?

      You are taking 300 mg. of baclofen daily?? That is much too high of a dose, and could account for your tired feeling.

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


        Many thanks KLD For tour warm welcome.

        I am on 300mcg and ctScan and xray are clear. Only I have kyfosis which as pwr physio is less than first


          I have the same problem with lower back pain and tightness. I don't know anything about the cold feeling though because I don't have that but I have lots of weird sensations that don't make sense since my injury. One thing that really helps me with the pain is to stretch every day before I get out of bed. I go through a routine that stretches the back, glutes, hips, and hamstrings and it knocks my pain levels down a couple of notches. If I wait until later in the day even if it is only an hour later my back has gotten tighter and the pain stays with me all day. I cannot tolerate sitting all day in the wheelchair, I have to mix it up with laying down and more stretching on the floor or a bed.

          Here are some links to exercises that can help, some of them are standing up stretches but they can be adapted for laying down. I do most of these every morning 3 times each and spend 30 seconds in each stretch position to get things loosened up. If you decide to try any of these, please be careful! You can get hurt with stretching especially if your feeling is impaired and you can't tell if you are extending your limbs beyond a comfortable range. Also, if it hurts, stop! Pain when stretching is not good, it means there is something wrong. For example, one of the exercises shown is back extensions but when I try them it hurts a lot because my back is already naturally extended because my abs are weak. So I skip that stretch and do the ones that feel good and loosen up the muscles.

          Go to exercises at the bottom

          "The prospects for a cure today are better than they were yesterday."


            Oops I missed to update. I had strained back due to lowest vitamin d3. Due to which I got osteoporosis. It was warning bell for me to remain sufficient with vitamin D. Whenever I feel lil pain in back, I again start the course of vitamind. I hv spastic paraplegia due to which my waist became tight and spastic. Was very much tough to cope. But with the increase of baclofen dose, finally life is good now. Thanks to God..

            Pl check your vitamin D levels.