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The Mystery of Chronic Pain TED talks ~ 8 minutes

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    The Mystery of Chronic Pain TED talks ~ 8 minutes

    worth watching, worth sending to folks who don't quite believe you or understand.

    14 or so years in I am not so optimistic as the speaker, but at least he speaks cogently.
    I wish he pulled a Taser for the lightning bolts we get and an Icepick for the random lancinating
    pain, etc., something for all the symptoms of CP but it would likely have been too much.

    Still in a shitstorm, broke 2 toes last week, pain and extreme spasms, felt them break.
    weather is changing here in CT and already looking at the bad season.

    In the doc's this upcoming week for a pump refill and to let her play out her experiment further.
    I can't say much as on balance I've traded one issue for another, net zero, but was forewarned.

    Hopefully they'll have compounded the meds correctly, they had to go back to the mfr for
    the correct concentration versed for the mix so really don't even have a legitimate

    Take care all.



    Thanks for posting Ket. You're right about the weather here in NE. The past few weeks have definitely caused a jump in my pain levels.
    Hope you get some relief.


      Ket, thanks for sharing that link there's more than a few doctors I'd like to show that video to and say see I'm not crazy and it's not just in my head!!
      Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)


        Bibucaine in my pump helps out whole lot. The monsoon season out here has made all my pain miserable. It's rough to do anything right now but I still have to. I just did the best I can to grin and bear it. Good luck on your quest
        C-5/6, 7-9-2000
        Scottsdale, AZ

        Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.


          This thread shows the deficiency in texts. It should not be necessary at this late date, with animal models galore, and capsaicin injections to inform doctors that central pain exists. The authors of texts must be very old fogies who don't read or everyone would be well informed. Actually, much of the fault lies with patients like us who do not take the time or energy to explain their pain. Further, since SCI patients post surgery often have ordinary musculoskeletal pain in addition to central pain, we MUST verbally find a way to explain to ourselves and to others the TWO pains, not just lament our pain in general.

          People who are insistent about their pain confuse the doctor. If he wants to help, he needs to know the distinct characteristics of neuropathic pain, and ordinary or nociceptive (noxious) pain. Musculoskeletal pain from disruption of the motion segments of the spine is ordinary pain, treatable with ordinary pain meds. Nerve injury pain may not respond to ordinary pain meds, AT ALL.

          Don't fall into the trap of just complaining about pains. Do not say "I am in terrible pain. Help me" Instead say "My ordinary pain is such and such, but my nerve injury pain is different and we need to address that also." Examine yourself carefully and do not lump bizarre pain with ordinary pain. If we do this, do our own reflection and learn to speak of it, THEN we get to blame the text authors for failing to include a good discussion of Central Pain.

          It is true that there is no vernacular for the symptoms of Central Pain, but that does not mean we get to use the terminology and verbal descriptors of ordinary pain to talk about our Central Pain. We CAN and MUST learn to approximate it even if we have no vocabulary. Recurring terms such as acid under the skin, lightning pains, burning pain in the muscles, exaggerated pins and needles, pain with muscle loading, pain with cold blasts, and confinement cramps can be used to explain Central Pain.
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            Hello Ry

            Are you sure it is not dibucaine?