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Tramadol Vs.Morphine

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  • Tramadol Vs.Morphine

    Hello everyone. I have been taking Tramadol for some time now. I take 300 mg a day. On another thread someone was taking 300 mg of ER Morphine and someone said that was a lot of Morphine. Well it was also said the max dose of Tramadol was 400 mg a day.
    Is Tramadol pretty much giving me the same relief I'd get with Morphine? It doesn't seem to do a ton, but I've run out a few times and I'm pretty uncomfortable without it. So I guess my question is are they pretty much the same drug?

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    No, they are not the same drug at all. They are the same type of drug, both being opiod based painkillers. But they are very different. Morphine is much stronger than tramadol. Everyone reacts differently to drugs as well, so you won't react the same way to morphine as someone else, and they wont react the same way to tramadol as you do. Using an online opiod converter, 300 mg of tramadol is the equivalent of 60mg morphine.

    I take 90mg of morphine er split into 3 doses, with dilaudid as my instant release. 300mg of morphine would be quite a lot.
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      Very good, I was worried I was maxing out on pain meds and I'm only four years into this. Thank for the explanation Lin.


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        When Ultram ( Tramadol ) was introduced in the mid 1990's, it was a non-scheduled drug thought to have little risk of abuse, dependance or withdrawal. They were wrong. As of August 18th, the DEA has classified Tramadol as a Schedule 4 substance. Doctors can now only write for a 30 day supply of Tramadol with 5 refills before the patient has to be re-evaluated. The doctor can still call in Tramadol to a pharmacy ( no special written Rx) . Morphine is a Schedule 2 substance due to it's high potential for abuse and dependance.

        Generic Tramadol has a maximum daily dose of 400mg
        Brand name, extended release Ultram ER has a maximum daily dose of 300mg


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          In our state, my father can get a 90 day supply with 1 year of refills. These restrictions vary by state.

          One thing to keep in mind about tramadol..... it has multiple mechanisms of action that seem to help pain. One is as an opiod working similar to other types of morphine family drugs. But it also has an effect on serotonin levels, and increases serotonin. This is similar to the anti-depressant medicine class that is used a lot abbreviated as SSRI's. So one nice "side effect" of tramadol is that it can improve your mood, which can also help pain.

          However, this does mean that if you are decreasing your dose of tramadol, keep an eye on how your mood is doing. My father was tapering down on his tramadol too quickly, and he started to feel depressed. It took us awhile to realize that it was the rapid drop of tramadol.

          So to the OP - please be careful and try not to run out of tramadol... a sudden stoppage could be rough, as you know.


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            Respectfully, those Rx restrictions changed as of Monday 8/18/2014. The Federal DEA rules for Schedule 4 drugs now have to be followed. All Rx for Tramadol are valid for only 6 months. If a Rx for Tramadol was issued before 8/18/2014 and refills were authorized, as of 8/18/14 those refills are limited to no more than 5 and have to be dispensed no later than 6 months from the original date of the prescription. The next refill your father receives will be marked C IV to designate it's controlled status.
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