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Sudden Severe foot pain

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  • Sudden Severe foot pain

    Hi. Hope someone can help. I have always had Neuro pain in the arms, legs, and, feet, but just recently a new and very severe pain has developed in my feet. It came on rather suddenly over the course of a week or so and is far beyond the normal pins and needles. And it got so bad that I could no longer even rest my left foot on the footplate of my chair...if someone as much as blew on it I would be screaming.

    I can now rest both of my feet only on a pillow and the 2 small toes on my left foot are so sensitive that id rather die than have them touched. I haven't been able to wear socks or shoes in almost 4 weeks now. I did have an ingrown toe nail cut and removed which I assumed was causing the pain but that clearly isn't the case.

    Ive also noticed my knee joints have become very rigid during this timeframe as well but not sure if that is a separate issue and the pain from the feet seems to be setting off pain up the legs as well.

    What could this be? What tests should i have done? I talk to my doc next week but would like to have some ammo cause I know she'll just try to blame it on regular Neuro pain and I have a very hard time believing it is that.