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C6 - C7 Lower Back/Side Pressure

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  • C6 - C7 Lower Back/Side Pressure

    I'm a C6-C7 and have recently been feeling pressure on my right side/lower back below my ribcage. It's not painful, just annoying since I haven't felt anything back there in the past 7 years. It sort of feels like if you sat back and leaned up against a tennis ball. Went to the Dr. and he claimed UTI and put me on an antibiotic, that was a week ago and I still feel it. I don't doubt I had a UTI, I've had plenty, but never had this feeling along with it.

    Has anyone had the same situation or any suggestions as to what it may be?

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    Have you had recent tests for stones or hydronephrosis?? Both can cause flank pain like this from your kidney. They could also cause you to have a UTI. Suggest you see a good urologist and have some more tests done.

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      Thanks, I just got a ct scan done and waiting on the results.