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Tumor removal SCI: Hypersensitive Skin and Deep stabbing pain

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    Tumor removal SCI: Hypersensitive Skin and Deep stabbing pain

    I had a tumor removed from the middle of my cord Dec 2012 that formed a syrinx from c-2 to t-9. My syrinx started shrinking about 3 months post op and then my skin across my nipple line (where tumor was removed T-5 to T-7) became sensitive to touch. Now 18 months later, I have a ring of fire all the way around my chest where I have hypersensitive and deep stabbing pain. I can't wear a shirt....period. Unfortunately, this is above my injury. Elsewhere, all skin where feeling is returning, appears to be hypersensitive.

    Somebody, please tell me that it will eventually get better. It has only gotten worse each month. Is the hyper, just part of the nerves reconnecting? I'm taking 3,600 mg of Gabapentin and 60 mg baclifen orally for spastivity/day, and I have a pump with 40% pain med and 60% baclifen. I can cope with the SCI and life style, but the pain has sent me into isolation.

    What next?

    Sorry, haven't been on this forum for a while. I have BSS with sensory problems on the left side. I had a spinal stroke Feb 2013. I suffer from hypersensitivity to light touch from nipple level of left side to toes on that side. A piece of paper brushing my leg or even the wind blowing on it sets off jerking spasms and an attempt to withdrew from the stimulus. I am not taking any medication for nerve pain. The burning pain on that side of my body has lessened over time, but I don't see much change in the hypersensitivity. I am able to tolerate the well meaning pats and hugs of friends sometimes. I wear the softest clothes I can find. Wearing regular clothes is frequently tortuous. I wish I could say the sensation has gone away, but I can't. On the positive side I have learned how to ad void a lot of the triggers that set off the hypersensitive response.