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Got my MRI report and consultation from my doc great news

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    Got my MRI report and consultation from my doc great news

    severe stenosis C2-3 where fused, notable stenosis C3-6 with bulges and herniation 4-5,5-6. Advanced Degenerative disc disease.

    Thoracic already MRI'd and a general mess Degen Disc and Stenosis

    Lumbar L2-3, L1-2 notable herniation minimal cord compression Advanced Degenerative disc disease.. net trashed above the fusions, normal I think.

    Recommendations: If patient is suffering cervical or lumbar pain, multiple level surgical intervention indicated.

    So why is this good news

    ....gotta love my doc. I anticipated some surgical suggestion. instead she smiled and said you're 62, compromised health, doesn't your life suck enough without
    some bone butcher playing tinker toys and screwing with what's left? Cope and enjoy whatever you can and we'll keep an eye for serious changes.

    I found this a refreshingly sound way to look at things "real world for the kitty". No way I'd let them back in anyway but glad I didn't have to start a confrontational relationship with her or my wife who (would support and push anything the doc said).

    Then gave me my 3rd midline epidural, a hug and said see you soon, God Bless. (Shockingly the epidural helps, not with CP or any neuro, but helps with the mechanical mess pain left post multiple lumbar injuries and surgeries, and any help.... I'm there.


    That is one messed up spine.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


      62 yo - hey Bollefen, I am sure you know great, great surgeons but if you ever need to talk to someone on the West Coast who can handle anything thrown at him, and who has helped me , is Dr. Sig Bervin at UCSF.
      I have been through major revision surgery 3 times. It takes 2 years to recover each time. I don't think I have the 'metal' to go through it again - so I understand how you feel about it. I would see it the same way…..


        Yeah, I just had a major revision done. My neurosurgeon had a similar attitude, which was appreciated, aside from some noticeable neurologic changes I was having. Once he got inside, it was apparent that surgery was necessary. Here's an image of my spine, fused C5-7 & T2-L1 at age 33, if it makes you feel any better (i.e., it could be worse): link