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    back pain

    Having some issues now close to 12 yrs post, cant lay flat in my bed without getting up with some shooting pains. most of the time I lay on my side which happens most of the time since I cant sit or walk for very long. Just so afraid to go back to my back Dr. I sure would hate to have go thru that surgery again!!! it gets better after I get up and move around. Does abyone else have anything like this?

    sounds a lot like arthritis if moving about a bit clears it up. Not sure your original injury or your last imaging but I would seriously consider new images if old, things change and every level affected stresses above and below sorry dude. Oh, does like alleve help? they tend not to do much or anything "real" imho

    reread, shooting pain is a game changer imho, see a doc.

    be better



      It happened to me after the lower back surgery. I didn't notice it in the hospital because I always kept the bed in an upright position, but after I came home, it got harder and harder to lie down in bed. My right side would get shooting pains and became even more paralyzed than when I was upright. It would go away when I got up out of bed. It got so bad I stopped going to bed and slept in a chair. I finally talked to the doctor about it. For me it was a side affect of the surgery in the tail bone area and nothing could be done. More surgery isn't an option for me unless it's an emergency. What's causing it could be important........or not. But, you should find out which it is. It might be arthritis, or a pinched nerve, or worse......guessing is never a good idea. I hate getting tests done, but sometimes you just have to do it. Good luck Duge.....


        Duge - we are both 12 years post injury and have been on CC for a long time.
        I agree with Bollefen - go to the spine specialist , find out the ugly truth that you probably have arthritis or spondylosis in the area above and/or below your fusion.
        No one will force you to have surgery - that is your decision. Plus there may be no surgery to help.
        My case - developed pain above my 7 level fusion (T11 to my pelvis). Got it xrayed 3 months ago - no surprise, I have trashed the levels above my fusion. I trashed the T10-11 to the point that the disc space is gone and it is essentially auto-fused. But the doctor suggested I get the facets T9,10 and T10,11 injected with steroids. I did.
        Voila ! ! - less stabbing pain. Back to my usual pattern of overuse paddling my kayak ! Got to use it up some time, why not now !

        So it was a bummer learning what was inevitable, that I damaged the segments above my fusion but at least the 4 facet injections has made my life slightly better.

        The facet joints are the little joints in the back of your spine that have a lot of nerve endings. Pain management docs can stick a needle in there under xray and inject a little steroid. It has been 3 months and the pain has yet to return.

        Good luck Duge.


          It's been a little better as of late. I'm a T 12 incomplete. If I move slowly after I get up sometimes it seems to help but at 54 now I'm afraid the old age is starting ti take effect also. Still have not see a spine Dr and dont want to unless it's absolutely neccessary. Just dont want to spend every single cent we have to Dr's!!!!