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wisdom of all sci gurus here needed

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    wisdom of all sci gurus here needed

    background of me :sci injured incomplete post decompression surgery fused with titanium rods andscrews fr t8 to 12, throughout the years experiencing pain and super strong spasticity , enough to even stand using the spasticity ! active person ,i go to work everyday , or i look forward to be out all the time.

    i am taking gabapentin on empty stomach 300mgx3 in the morning and i tried to not take anymore for the rest of the day , i take it in the morning as it feels like it works the best , but my first problem is then my lunch has to be as least 4 hours after i take the gabapentin , if i take any food with a little oil , stomach ache kicks in and of i rush home

    at around 9pm , i take just a 0.5mg dose of clonazepam and that work wonders on pain , and i also take it for the side effect of it knocking me to sleep and easing the leg spasticity and i can go to deep sleep , i wean of clonazepam sometimes over weekends when i do go out drinking so that i do not increase my dosage of clonazepam as the body really gets immune to it very fast , i do the same for gaba, note clona induces sleepiness much like baclofen inducess fatigue in me , hence i tried baclofen and got rid of it.

    i have active sex life and enough erection , so i also striked out the baclofen pump

    my question is , does eating gaba on an empty stomach hurts the liver ? i seem to be getting more frequent gastric problems ?
    whoever is a anesthesiologist here , could you please share your thoughts , instead of taking 900mg of gabapentin , i take 2x250mg of panadol activefast , comparing this both different class of drugs which is more harmful to the liver/stomach or body in general

    no one in my country seem to be able to answer me , but just with he general notion that panadol is easy to get medication therefore less harmful , which i am not sure , the precription papers on these medication is mostly targerted at patients that take these mediacation for a short period of time , while we sci patients are in it for the long haul

    please advice

    I am not an anesthesiologist, I never liked sitting around reading the Wall Street Journal and having to listen to egotistical surgeons have hissie fits.

    But the answer to your question is this -
    Gabapentin on an empty stomach won't hurt your liver any differently than on a full stomach. I think you are doing it right. Come up with a routine that gets you through the day some how and some way. Don't completely concern yourself about how you are told to take the med. Gabapentin sometimes works better split in three doses and given evenly through the day. But, hey, if you take one big dose and you get to Miller Time (that is the end of your work day) and a benzo gets you through the evening… stick with it.