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I'm just really, really confused...

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    I'm just really, really confused...

    I'm new to the page. I did not think I would ever join a forum but here I am, fed up with vague answers by doctors and hoping that the experience of many might be able to clear things up.

    Ever since January 2012, things have gone a bit pear shaped with my back. I fell whilst doing a bridge from standing. So really not really a big fall I thought. A week later I had to go into hospital because I could not move my upper body properly at all and was in a lot of pain. The doctor told me that it was a spasm, gave me some pain meds and sent me home to rest for 3 days.
    After 3 days I went back to Uni, only to stiffen up again and have to go home for another 3 days. For 6 months after that, things did not get any better. I would wake up screaming from the pain that would wander into my belly and the entirety of my back, every time I tried to do anything remotely physical at uni (Im a Drama Student), I would just stiffen up again and have to lie down.
    I tried every doctor in the book, had deep tissue massages and even went to a chinese healing practicioner but nothing would help for longer than 20 minutes.

    In the summer, after basically shouting at my doctor, I finally had an MRI done, which showed I had a syrinx and some sort of crack in my vertebrae. Also, the space inbetween that vertebrae and the one below, was black. I was prescribed muscle relaxants (tizanidine) and exercise and ordered to come back for another MRI scan a year later to determine whether the syrinx had grown or not.
    In this year, the symptoms just kept piling up. Muscle weakness, pain in the arms, chronic pain in neck and shoulders, tremors in the hands and sometimes the rest of the body, migraine and so on. The only thing exercise did was make me slimmer (which, dont get me wrong, is always much appreciated by me) but it did not make the pain any more bearable.
    A year later the MRI was repeated, now with a head MRI as well because the doctor was worried about the tremors and migraine. It showed that the syrinx had not grown and the situation going on with my vertebraes had not changed.
    That is the most recent information I have.
    Now, the reason I am being so vague about all of this, is because I have never in 2 years been given precise information on what is actually wrong with me. Whether it is because they don't know or because they are not taking me seriously? I don't know. All I know is that 2 years in I am still in chronic back pain which leaves me bed bound from time to time, frustrated and pretty much addicted to my meds as without them I turn into a stiff insomniac.

    If anyone has ANY idea what could be going on, I would be eternally grateful. Literally, anything. I'm not fussy
    Thanks in advance!

    I went thru this Gretel little over a year ago.. it was hell .. I finally went to craig hospital and had spinal cord untethering surgery and shunting of the cyst.. long miserable recovery.. and haven't recovered fully.. i did get rid of the nasty neck pain and headaches but my neuro pain has steaded the same...