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Oxycodone Availability & Oxy vs Methadone

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  • Oxycodone Availability & Oxy vs Methadone

    I've been taking oxycodone for almost 5 years and never had a problem getting prescriptions filled until this past week. I've called over a dozen pharmacies in my area (SW CT.) and none of them have had the med in stock for weeks and don't know when they'll be getting it. Some of these were big chain pharmacies others were small family-run pharmacies. They all say it's a problem with their distributors and again, don't know when I'll be getting the medication in. When I called my pain management Dr. in New York City which is about an hour away from me, the nurse practitioner said a lot of patients in the NYC area are experiencing the same problem.

    Anyone else here experiencing this? I've read on some other pain forums that people in other parts of the country have been experiencing this problem as far back as a year ago. As an alternative, my Dr. wrote a prescription for methadone, 20 µg twice a day which I'll get filled in a few days. Anyone here have any experience with both these meds and if so which was more effective?

    Dan G. in CT

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    For what it's worth, between availability in the United States and Canada, I'm in Toronto, and there's no shortage here.

    I've used Endocet (5mg Oxy +325mg acetaminophen) for approx. 1.5 years, with average to good results. (C5 Quad; feet, arse, shoulders).
    The best prescription pain method I've tried so far (amitriptyline, NSAID, prednisolone) 14 years post. I try to keep my use to 10mg / day, but most days, I could use more.


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      Were you specific on the brands? I was on the Malenkroft (sp) for several years and was just told last month the price of these were being triple. I was given the "k-9" instead.