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wiki needs pain documentation under central pain, dej, david?

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  • wiki needs pain documentation under central pain, dej, david?

    I was just messing around online tonight and typed in central pain and looked up Wikipedia. they said the sparse content looks like an ad. omg. I was shocked. please. I know there are pain experts here. can you take some time to correct wiki? dej? david? please look. they make it sound like it is bogus. I can't believe this.

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      Cass. Hi. I wrote a very well documented article a few years ago but for reasons known to them, Wiki did not publish it. Later, I saw an article which was way off in some areas. The last I looked, the CP article, NOT written by me, claimed opiates were VERY effective in Central Pain. I concluded someone uninformed was writing, or that worse, real facts about Central Pain were so unbelievable to the editors that they bought an inaccurate posting. I cannot imagine anyone claiming anything is very effective in Central Pain. Further confusing is that I later found parts of my original unpublished article, now altered, posted under another topic, where it does not belong. This altered material made THAT condition sound bad, while Central Pain, as is currently written, does sound bogus, as you said. It does us no favors. Those who minimize the severity of Central Pain are like Holocaust deniers. They need to get real. All this made me think someone finds CP unbelievable, or is willing to publish inaccurate information. What would motivate such a thing is beyond me.