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Neuropatic Pain & Bad Kidneys.

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  • Neuropatic Pain & Bad Kidneys.

    Is there anyone who has experience taking any neuropatic pain meds while at the same time having 'bad' kidneys. i.e kidneys not workng at 100% as a result of say a kidney infection?

    I took lyrica for 2 weeks in 2012 -75 mg for 1 week snd 150 mg for 1 week, but it didn't help.

    I been taking 75mg lyrica for about 2 weeeks now and its no help. I approached my doc for help and he says that inrceasing the dosage and/or any pain meds in general are bad for kidneys, more so if they dont function at 100% like mine.

    So what to do, as I am TIRED of living with pain, which ocassionally gets VERY BAD. Sadly, from my research, and as far as I know, there isn't a lot of places one can turn to in South Africa (and specifically, Cape Town,) for help with neuropathic pain.

    SCI Nurse, anyone else, any take on this please?

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    Are you taking anything to prevent kidney infections like, Hiprex?


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      @Patton57......No, not taking anything.... Should I be/have? Unless you meant UTI's, but i hardly get those. except this last one that lasted/re-occured for a long time and most likely messed up my kidneys.

      But at this stage I just wanna deal with my pain.