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Pain was finally managed with Fentanyl and Valiium then all hell broke loose

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    Originally posted by anthonyh View Post
    Yes my doctor combines the 20 mcg/hr patch with an additional 10 mcg/hr patch I beleive you can use up to 40 mcg/hr combined 20 mcg/hr patches. But I have not one that far up yet! But yes it is quite good, much less habit forming as well so I consider that a plus personally. Only thing it does not cover is sharp stabbing neuropathic pains, but I have Gabapentin 600 mg x4 each day for that so not an issue.

    Tough call if it is going to work for you, but may be worth a try as you have already been through everything else it looks like. It is where I wound up after trying everything else much like yourself. Supposedly it has 40 times the gram potency of morphine so use with caution.
    how did u get insurance to cover 20 and 10 in the same month?



      I use a medical discount program designed by doctors in my area so it is not insurance. Personally I think it is better,but it is not available everywhere so you would have to see if such a program exists in your area. I get huge discounts that actually beat most insurance plans. For instance, my stay at the hospital MRI's x4, SSEP, EMG, neurologist's, stay and all for a week totaled $57,890. But I only had to pay $4,000 not too bad at all I say. But yeah as far as insurance you would have to speak with your particular insurance carrier.
      But as far as I understand as long as it is prescribed to you as a single prescription for both meds, I believe they will allow it. It is much like how I am prescribed Norco 10/325 for breakthrough pain, it is allowed as well as my doctor prescribes it all at once. Not sure if there is some law that allows this sorry but you will have to investigate that yourself.

      Good luck but I think you should not have any trouble getting two patches, as it is prescribed as a singular dose by the PM.