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Shoulder Instability

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  • Shoulder Instability

    Hello all, this is my first post on the forum and hope someone can relate to my problems.

    I have had shoulder problems for 2 years now, which all started from benching too much in the gym. I first recall injuring my left shoulder back in July 2011, though it was just a minor "pop" and didn't really hurt that much. I then went on holiday a month later, and it started to hurt A LOT, severe ache down the shoulder blade, and popping noises in the shoulder, though my ROM (Range Of Motion) was more or less perfect. I went to the doctors a month later and he told me to go back to the gym, so I went back, hurt my right shoulder in the process, and finally figured out it was the bench press that had been hurting my shoulders. I stopped doing the bench press and carried on doing all other exercises. I had enough of the pain after 6 months of working out, so I went back to the doctors, who referred me to a Physio, that told me to carry on doing weights! So I did physio, no relief what-so-ever, I finally stopped all exercises on the shoulders, bare in mind my Right shoulder stopped hurting a month after injury and never hurt until I stopped doing weights. I waited 6 months without doing any exercise, yet the shoulders carried on hurting, so I went back to the doctors who referred me to a specialist, who gave me an MRI on both shoulders which the results stated no tears or injuries. Doctor said it was just instability of the shoulders, start physio, I have done the physio for 4 months with no relief, though my shoulders dont hurt like they first did, they feel unstable, and hurt if I do any exercise on them, and hurt most days. I am going to go to another specialist who I hope says surgery is possible to fix the instability, as the previous one said "Not an option as can cause Arthritis, only operate if shoulders dislocate" but whilst my shoulders don't dislocate, I can't do much sports that require shoulder work and I am only 20 and a keen (or was) athlete. So my question is, has anyone ever had shoulder instability WITHOUT dislocating? If so what was the outcome, also has anyone had shoulder surgery as I am keen to know peoples stories. I apologise for this long post but I am wondering if anyone has been in the same situation as my self.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you find the time to reply.

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    Do you have a spinal cord injury? That is the main focus of this pain forum.