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NY state pharmacies making copies of drivers license for opiate Rx

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    Tennessee is pretty strict with the state laws regarding opiates. I go to the pain clinic every month, am subject to a drug test at anytime, must have my meds with me so they can count them....or you do not get a new script written until you bring them in, their system prints the scripts and your picture is on everyone of them. I can no longer get them filled a couple of days in advance of the thirty days, now I have to wait until the thirty days are up. That makes things hard sometimes, and the pharmacy has been known to be out sometimes too. Does'nt give you any leeway at all. I don't blame the clinic or the pharmacy, it's the politicians.....trying to control the meth labs and those selling their drugs, but it always seems to punish those that are following the rules. Once you have been diagnosed, and they know you see the same doctor, you would think they could let up some! I have to use the same pharmacy too. No other pharmacy would fill these drugs without approval from my pain clinic.

    I ended up doing without pain meds after my carpal tunnel surgery because of the mix up on who was suppose to give me the meds! The surgeon thought the pain clinic would do it, but no, they just have to be reported to them and why they are being given. Your pain clinic can only treat the pain you see them can be confusing, and a pain in the arse!


      Originally posted by metronycguy View Post
      Need to find the NYS Pharm license page so I can submit an official complaint.
      That can cause extreme problems with privacy, i want to see about getting an official NYS non driver ID , actually need to find what the exact law is, at the pharmacy i picked up the predisone in, they said photo id, ALso i have been going to this pharmacy for over 4 years, i am only allowed to receive any controlled substance at this pharmacy. The federal govt has a program that i am on due to certain MEDs, that i has to have my doctor fill out forms , i had to sign forms, agreements etc., so I don't do anything unless I check with that program. A simple mistake may cause a deadly situation for me.


        I've never been asked to sign when pick up Ativan and Percocet. For a while he tried Diazapam.
        We go to a smaller pharmacy-maybe that is the difference or could be the state.
        At a clinic pharmacy in ND I had to show drivers licence for buying OTC Sudafed for Dave.


          Its all about government reporting. Every state almost has a "Prescription Monitoring Program".

          How many states have a PMP?
          Currently 49 states and one territory have legislation authorizing the creation and operation of a PMP. Forty-two States currently have a PMP that is operational (meaning collecting data from dispensers and reporting information from the database to authorized users). For more information, visit the Alliance website at where you can view our PMP Program Status Map or PMP Program Status Table. To learn more about a specific state PMP, please also visit our State Profiles section.

          They even need an alliance to bring them all together.

          Here is a compressed view of Florida's laws for example:

          It is really hard to find a site where the state/federal laws are combined. They also change often. I honestly didn't know how complicated it was until I decided to be nosey. I knew it was regulated but there is so much oversight, who protects the real patient that needs the medicine.

          Here is New York:

          I guess this statement says it all....
          New York has many levels of legal/regulatory materials relating generally to controlled substances and more specifically to their use to treat pain. It is not possible to summarize all of these materials in the space supplied,
          I have always been asked for ID for the oxycodone but I don't remember ever being made to show ID when I was first injured. I didn't take many medicines unless I fell.
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            According to the NY state code I was able to find, while the pharmacy is required to check your ID and get your address, etc., it is not required to make a photo copy of your ID. I suspect this is a corporate policy for this pharmacy. Ask. You can also check with a different company's pharmacy:

            Here is the code revision, which is dated 3/2013:


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