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  • Nerve/ms?

    Hello everybody seems like a very helpful site. 3 months ago I started having weakness in my left leg and feeling heavy.then pain running all down it so had an MRI of spine and have a bulging l5 disc that might be pushing in nerve.

    While that explains leg pain my neck is also in some pain and tight and now every time I stretch out my left arm it burns and just feels like I'm pulling something. Especially when I bend my wrist backwards. I also have headaches about two inches above each year but I'm also currently withdrawing off klonopin.

    My question is since I had the MRI on my spine and my neurologist has yet to call me does that mean I'm "in the clear" for ms? He suggested there's a small chance I have it but u have some bad anxiety. Can't get emg until July and pain/heaviness is getting worse down my left arm. Any suggestions on how to proceed? I scheduled for a shot in my back but not sure how that's going to help my arm.

    Thanks in advance

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    If your doctor hasn't called back, don't assume anything yet. Call their office and ask for the results of your MRI.


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      I know from experience that withdrawing from Klonopin can cause some head ache like feelings around my ears. You need to be very careful and withdraw gradually. That's a drug that can do real damage if you stop cold turkey.

      And, I agree. Call your doctor and ask...


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        Thanks for the responses he just called back and didnt mention anything of the ms sort so it seems ok. Just the bulging disc. Yea I've tried going off the klonopin twice to fast and it was couple of the worst periods in my life. Being on it for five years everyday I should've known better lol.