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Is there a tolerance to Fentanyl / Duragesic patches after time?

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    Is there a tolerance to Fentanyl / Duragesic patches after time?

    I can't find much info on this..

    Does one build a tolerance to Fentanyl patches over time? I just started on Fentanyl patches along with Valium for neuropathic pain about 2 months ago and I am wondering if one builds a tolerance to Fentanyl patches over time and if so, how long? I'm 31 and was told by one "Pain Consultant" that one builds a tolerance to narcotics in about a month and that was something that kind of scared me. I've talked to her before and she is kind of a b*itch.

    After severe debilitating neuropathic pain from from my T3 injury all the way down to the soles of my feet, I finally found something that helped me.

    I can't find any doctor to prescribe methadone because they all say it's a "horrible drug"

    What do y'all think?

    P.s. - I currently have really bad pneumonia so it caused an increase in pain, spiking through all the analgesics.




    Hi Jason....
    Has your pain specialist explained that the class of drugs, called opiates, are all the same? This includes hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone, fentanyl patches, morphine, all the way to heroin.

    They are the same class of medication which work in the same location in the body, namely, the opiate receptors - they are not different. Some are topical, oral, IV, intramuscular but they are the same.

    It worries me that you have left a pain management appointment and are not sure if Fentanyl patches lead to tolerance.

    When you say you can't find much information on this, how exactly have you looked. Have you tried Wikipedia, These are good places to inquire.

    May I ask you how your pain specialist is a b*tch? What has she said or done?


      It is curious they find methadone a horrible drug. I manage my neuropain with a combination of valium and methadone. I tried fentanyl and discontinued it after six weeks. I hated it, made me a frickin zombie and slighly psychotic as well.


        Not everyone reacts to all opiates the same though, people metabolize the drugs differently.

        Some Drs do not like methadone. Is there a specific reason you want it? Have you tried it previously and it worked better than the fentanyl? I personally had side effects and did not like methadone when my previous pain Dr tried it. My current pain Dr does not like methadone and will not use it for her patients either. It stays in the body for a very long time, which can be useful in keeping levels stable to control pain, but can also cause issues with building up in the body and accidental overdose especially if people don't use it as prescribed.

        Are you asking about dependence on the drug (physical addiction) or tolerance (need to increase dose for same effect)? From your post it sounds like you're discussing dependence, due to the time line. Everyone on regular opiods for pain will develop a dependence on the drug which means to go off opiates you would experience withdrawal as your body has become dependent on the medication. Tolerance is a separate issue for those in pain management, and yes everyone will develop tolerance eventually as well and need to increase dosages to reach the same level of pain relief (though there are options to decrease this, sometimes switching the opiate in use for example). But tolerance takes much more time than a month, and there's no way to say how long it will take because everyone is different. Some people develop a tolerance in a year, some people stay on the same dosage of their medications for 10 years.
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          there should be printed information in the box that your patches come in. i think you will find most of the basic questions answered therein. i'm relatively new to fentanyl having started 3 months ago. so far there has been no noticeable tolerance develop. by this i mean the same dose is still as effective at pain relief as was at the start. so, i would not agree that any significant tolerance occurs after 1 month of use. that is not to say that the body is not already getting used to the dose.


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