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    Pain out this world

    I went to this new pm doc
    He only will give me one or the other morphine
    Or oxycodone. I told him the morphine knocks me out
    He doesn't even do SCI, he want me to see him 2 more times
    Before he refer me back to my general prac " he must think I'm a sucka "
    Anyway I'm in so much pain i can't think

    Anyone know of any pain doc in Texas
    I want energy, not out cold..

    I lived in Grand Prairie, (Dfw metroplex) i loved the surgical care I received through Baylor. They also do Pain Mgmt

    I used a different PM doc before I tried Baylor healthcare....i hated mine. If I were still there, I'd head to Baylor hands down.

    If thats's too far, try any teaching hospital. I've had better luck with university affiliated hospitals and specialists who also teach.
    CCS/Walker's a long story


      What is the pain from? Is it muscular and from overuse or neuropathic pain?
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