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Carpal tunnel

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  • Carpal tunnel

    Does anybody else have carpal tunnel from rolling their chair. I never had problems before my chair days started back in 2005.
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    Yep, had surgery on on my right hand/arm for carpal tunnel and Ulnar nerve(what you hit when you hit your funny bone) last fall. Carpal tunnel wise I'm good to go, the ulnar one is going to need to be redone.

    Had the surgery on a Thursday, since I had my elbow done also i was bandaged from fingers to shoulder. Was a bit off on getting in and out of the shower, had to have wife help me and then wrap my whole arm in plastic. But I went to work that next Monday and the Monday after I had all bandages and stitches removed. Haven't had any type of PT, just normal every day wheelchair use since and it's doing good now.
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      I have carpal tunnel but had it pre SCI. I use a glove at night and that has helped a lot.
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